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Protect your business and customers with affordable and effective cybersecurity software solutions.

Website Security and Monitoring

Offer solutions include authentication, data integrity protection, secure file transfer, etc

Security Consulting

Security implementation and management in managing enterprise security

System Integration

Integrating end-to-end protection security solutions for our clients.

Technical Support

Manage, operate, and support client's IT security systems 

How Can We Help?

e-Lock solves various types of security problems and issues.

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Digital Network Cables
Computer Programming

Our Products & Services


Monitor and protect server files, and guarantee data integrity by and taking appropriate action to undo unauthorised changes.

TheGRID Beacon 

Turn your smartphone into a powerful platform for out-of-band two-factor authentication devices.


Anti-virus and anti-malware updates are hard to catch up with. Protect your PC permanently from Ransomware attacks.

Penetration Testing Services

Expert services to assess, test and remediate your network against security threats 


Monitor web pages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and warn of alteration damage.

Consultation Services

Incorporate best practices to meet your specific IT environment and needs.

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We embarked on Malaysia nearly 21 years ago in the early days of the Internet by developing technologies focused on data security and encryption. Today, our products range from securing companies and government offices, protecting webpage defacements and data integrity, to multi-factor authentication for Internet banking, covering more than 500 organizations in Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

As IT networks and operations become more complex and business speeds increase while responding to cyber threats on a daily basis, we are focusing on developing realistic and reliable IT security solutions, which they are designed and developed to effectively protect organizations of all sizes from ever-changing threat.


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TheGRID Beacon

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